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February 28, 2024

Why Honeybook is a great start as a small business owner

I’ve been using Honeybook for over a year now. As a small business owner who works from home providing services for administrative and social media management, it was clear from the beginning I needed to have a project/management system in place.

Before we begin our decent on why you should start with Honeybook, here’s a little background on what precisely Honeybook does to help you stay organized with your projects and overall clients.

Honeybook is great at keeping your clients and all their contact info in place. What that includes is not just their contact info and what their project is about, but keeping their questionnaires, files, contract and invoice in place.

My favorite features? All the automated emails, reoccurring invoicing and personalized scheduling link in place! There’s nothing like having a project management system that does all the work for you behind your back while you focus on your client work. So a potential client isn’t having direct communication from me, (although they think they are) they are getting all the automated communication that I set up before hand! Pretty neat right?

So take it from me, if you are just starting out your small business, or have been looking for a system like this, start with Honeybook. It will save you time, and not to forget to mention, it’s sooo easy to use!

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