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When it comes to backend support and organizational services, you’ve got choices. But our work is personalized, proven, and designed to get you the results that you desire.


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I understand that every single client is different, which is why I take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your roadblocks before suggesting which service and which team member is the best fit. I want you to get the most out of our services, and see the best results possible.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, platforms, trends, and skills. If you ask us what we`re working on, chances are we will talk your ear off about my latest course, certification, or business skill that we`re practicing. We grow so that you can grow.


With my help, my clients have seen enormous growth on Pinterest, expansion of their businesses, refinement of their client experience, and considerable personal and financial growth. I pride myself in my ability to bring real-world results as well as a newfound sense of ability and confidence.

More of a DIY CEO?

No problem! Check out these resources designed to help you organize the backend of your business and get yourself in front of your ideal clients:

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Learn how to craft your own high-return Pinterest strategy with this step-by-step guide. With everything from account setup to pin optimization. covered, you’ll be attracting organic traffic to your business through Pinterest in no time.


Use this resource as your ultimate guide to creating a stable, organized, highly efficient business. By teaching you to optimize your. systems and processes, this guide will help you get back on track behind the scenes.

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By the way, I’m Lulu.

You probably already know that since you made it all the way to the bottom of my contact page. But just in case you didn’t – hi! So nice to meet you. I’m a nerd for organization, administration, operations, and all of the -ations that help you grow your business and your spunk back. I’m a passionate traveler, reader, napper, and chiller, and believe that all entrepreneurs should have the time, money, and energy to do all of those things (and more!) if they want to.

You started your business to have a more freeing, abundant, creative, and fun life. So, why are you wasting so much of it answering emails, sending invoices, dealing with customers, and doing all of your administrative tasks by yourself? C’mon... you deserve better than that.

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