Custom-crafted visibility and operational solutions that support your business growth

Executive Assistance, organization, and social media management.

We help creative entrepreneurs, service providers, and CEOs create visibility, systems, and sustainability in their businesses without spreading themselves too thin.

Our goal is to develop the organizational and operational solutions that will work best to support your business, your growth, and your dreams. Every single business is different – which is why we take a personal approach to all of the bottlenecks that you’re facing, and prescribe customized solutions for your needs.

Our executive support allows you to grow your business without sacrificing time or peace of mind.

Work with us

Bring us onto your team for a long-term partnership, designed to help you meet your biggest goals and achieve the ultimate sense of freedom in your business.

Working with us doesn’t just mean getting extra needed support. It means getting dedicated business partners and right-hand gals in your corner.


Bring one of us on as a strategic partner and high-level support member in your business to handle all things project management, operations, client relations, administration, and more. As your Executive Assistant, we will take on the tasks that stress you out and leave you feeling stumped. So, that you can fall back in love with your business and get back to your roots as a creative entrepreneur.

Executive Assistance is a tailored support package that can include:

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Executive Assistance INCLUDE:

  • Data management/data entry
  • Project/client management
  •  Contract management
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling & booking
  • Maintaining files & records
  • Task management
  • Google Drive management
  • Dubsado management
  • Honeybook management
  • Email marketing management


Welcome to a world where your brand's story comes to life through captivating Pinterest visuals and engaging blog content! 

Imagine your brand showcased on the visual playground of Pinterest, where ideas come to flourish. Our expert Pin wizards will curate stunning boards, write eye-catching Pin titles and descriptions, and strategically share your content to captivate your audience. Let your brand shine and inspire with every scroll!

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pinterest deliverables
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  • Tailored Pin Strategy: We craft a customized plan to showcase your brand's personality.
  • Visual Storytelling: Engaging Pins that tell your brand story in a glance.
  • Pin Optimization: Boost your visibility with SEO-rich descriptions and keywords.
  • Analytics Insights: Track the performance and watch your presence grow

What We Offer:

Blogs are more than words on a screen; they're an invitation into your world. Our wordsmiths weave compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Blogging Brilliance: Crafting Content that Speaks Volumes!

  • SEO-Optimized Content: Boost your website's search engine ranking.
  • Consistent Quality: Delivering excellence with every piece.
  • Bonus Feature: 2 Blogs per Month! Elevate your content strategy with two professionally crafted blogs monthly.

Our Blogging Services:

Instagram Management

Ignite Your Instagram Presence with Our Expert Management Services!  Welcome to a realm where your brand's visual story takes center stage! At Executive Lulu, we specialize in elevating your Instagram game, turning your profile into a captivating canvas that speaks volumes. 

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  • Strategic Content Planning: Tailored content calendars that align with your brand's goals.
  • Visual Storytelling: Captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.
  • Hashtag Strategy: Boost discoverability and reach a broader audience.
  • Engagement Tactics: Foster a community through meaningful interactions.
  • Analytics Insights: Track performance and witness your Instagram presence flourish.

Turning Likes into Brand Love!

Picture this: A perfectly curated feed, engaging stories, and a community buzzing with excitement about your brand. Our Instagram experts are here to make that vision a reality.


A two-day or 1 week experience to optimize your business.

Ready to take control of your own Pinterest account, but want an expert eye on it first? For your Pinterest VIP Day, we will start by covering all of the problem areas and things you’d like optimized for your Pinterest account. Then, we will get to work – setting up or cleaning up your account, and delivering all of the changes by the next day. If you’re looking to see a big return from your DIY marketing, my Pinterest VIP Day will ensure that you make the most out of the best search engine-based marketing channel for creative entrepreneurs.


Launching a new service? Need to clean up an existing one? Your CRM is only as good as the automations and workflows you build in it. And, as a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to be building everything inside of Honeybook or Dubsado by yourself. On the first day of your VIP experience, we will meet and map out exactly what you need to optimize and set up the backend of your CRM. Then, by the second day you’ll be delivered a brand new (or completely optimized) workflow that will help you deliver the ultimate high-end, hands-off client experience.



Sometimes, you just need some expert advice to get the wheels turning and re-motivate you on your business journey. My 60-minute strategy calls allow us to get super-specific on an organization or Pinterest-related area of your business to work through kinks and set you up with a long-lasting plan.

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"Before Lulu, I would cringe at the thought of checking my email. I was always feeling that ‘email dread’ every time I went in there, thinking that the only thing that would be waiting for me was upset clients and complete utter chaos. I was literally crying when I finally decided I needed her in my life. I can’t believe it took so long to reach out to her, because within a week, she had completely wrangled my chaotic inbox, and made it a manageable task. She set up a system for me, that I still use today, where I can easily organize all my incoming inquiries, current clients, and other emails that require my attention."

- Cara Jo Knapp @Knappdesignco

"Before hiring Lulu, I knew that I needed to be utilizing Pinterest for my wedding stationery business, but with so much client work, I couldn't seem to find time to devote to it. Lulu got my boards organized, gave me actionable tasks to optimize my Pinterest page and boards, and handled the daily pinning for me. As a solo business owner, it is an amazing feeling to know that someone else is working on another branch of your business while you're off designing! Lulu also created several custom pins for me each month which have turned out to be my most pinned graphics! So thankful for her help!"

Ellen Davis @Ellen.davis.creative 

“After working with Lulu I was so relieved. Lulu‘s process is so simple. I upload photos for her to use on Google Drive which we both have access to and she posts from there! My rankings on Google have increased because of my traffic from Pinterest! I’ve had many inquiries from Pinterest and now if I search something like venue illustration on Pinterest, my work pops up! It’s crazy! I recommend Lulu to all of my peers. If you’re struggling managing at all, it’s okay to outsource, and Lulu works with you to ensure your brand is communicated beautifully across all platforms.”

- Kelly from Suite Scape Design

“Lulu was very professional, she knew exactly what questions to ask to really draw me out! She also was really great at sharing her knowledge about social media and how I can successfully use Pinterest to help my business grow. She’s a wonderful person to work with.”

- Kaylee Sifuentes @loves.esthetics

“This is a perfect guidebook for beginner Pinterest users. Lulu helps us understand that Pinterest isn’t a platform to be afraid of and what we post doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be successful. I especially like how Lulu manages to infuse her cheerful personality into this guidebook; it feels like she’s talking directly to the reader! She is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about using Pinterest to grow your business and her reassuring and encouraging tone throughout makes this guide easy and fun to read. It doesn’t take long to read, and you won’t need to spend hours scratching the internet for answers to basic questions because Lulu’s got you covered.” 

- Jess, The Rosy Redhead

“Luisa has been nothing but patient and knowledgeable. She is confident in her expertise and it shows in her personality and professionalism.”

- Hair & Makeup by Trisha

Client Love
Client Love

It’s time to stop letting “overworked and overwhelmed” be your everyday state of mind.

You deserve systems, structures, and platforms that support your growth and give you back your motivation.

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