Executive Assistance and Pinterest Management for Ambitious Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s time to stop tirelessly juggling everything inside your business.

Because, sooner or later, burnout is just around the corner.

We both know that your true passion as a CEO exists within your creative flow, supporting your
clients, and using your business as a catalyst for the life of freedom that you crave.

But, when you’re dealing with a plate full of visibility, administration, and organization...there is slight freedom to be gained. However, that’s where we come in:

We handle the logistics of your business so that you can focus on being the boss.


I’m Luisa. But you can call me Lulu.

Executive Assistant and Pinterest Manager with 12+ years of experience.

You started your business to have the power of freedom to not feel trapped in a 9-5 or where your hard work and vision could easily be passed over. But when you’re juggling taking on administration, systems, client management, and visibility... The walls of a 9-5 can slowly start to feel like they’re closing in.

Especially when you’re a creative entrepreneur with big dreams.

Instead of clocking in extra time and energy to your business, I’ll help you get that time back to spend however you’d like. Whether that’s putting that back into networking, creating, or taking more time to spend with your loved ones. You deserve the time, money, and freedom that comes with owning your own business. Our work supports you in acquiring and obtaining all three.


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"Before Lulu, I would cringe at the thought of checking my email. I was always feeling that ‘email dread’ every time I went in there, thinking that the only thing that would be waiting for me was upset clients and complete utter chaos. I was literally crying when I finally decided I needed her in my life. I can’t believe it took so long to reach out to her, because within a week, she had completely wrangled my chaotic inbox, and made it a manageable task. She set up a system for me, that I still use today, where I can easily organize all my incoming inquiries, current clients, and other emails that require my attention."

- Cara Jo Knapp @Knappdesignco

"Before hiring Lulu, I knew that I needed to be utilizing Pinterest for my wedding stationery business, but with so much client work, I couldn't seem to find time to devote to it. Lulu got my boards organized, gave me actionable tasks to optimize my Pinterest page and boards, and handled the daily pinning for me. As a solo business owner, it is an amazing feeling to know that someone else is working on another branch of your business while you're off designing! Lulu also created several custom pins for me each month which have turned out to be my most pinned graphics! So thankful for her help!"

Ellen Davis @Ellen.davis.creative 

“After working with Lulu I was so relieved. Lulu‘s process is so simple. I upload photos for her to use on Google Drive which we both have access to and she posts from there! My rankings on Google have increased because of my traffic from Pinterest! I’ve had many inquiries from Pinterest and now if I search something like venue illustration on Pinterest, my work pops up! It’s crazy! I recommend Lulu to all of my peers. If you’re struggling managing at all, it’s okay to outsource, and Lulu works with you to ensure your brand is communicated beautifully across all platforms.”

- Kelly from Suite Scape Design

“Lulu was very professional, she knew exactly what questions to ask to really draw me out! She also was really great at sharing her knowledge about social media and how I can successfully use Pinterest to help my business grow. She’s a wonderful person to work with.”

- Kaylee Sifuentes @loves.esthetics

“This is a perfect guidebook for beginner Pinterest users. Lulu helps us understand that Pinterest isn’t a platform to be afraid of and what we post doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be successful. I especially like how Lulu manages to infuse her cheerful personality into this guidebook; it feels like she’s talking directly to the reader! She is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about using Pinterest to grow your business and her reassuring and encouraging tone throughout makes this guide easy and fun to read. It doesn’t take long to read, and you won’t need to spend hours scratching the internet for answers to basic questions because Lulu’s got you covered.” 

- Jess, The Rosy Redhead

“Luisa has been nothing but patient and knowledgeable. She is confident in her expertise and it shows in her personality and professionalism.”

- Hair & Makeup by Trisha

Client Love
Client Love

Imagine your business being free of having to deal with the minor details.

With us on your team, taking care of yourself and your clients will become your only priority.

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