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February 28, 2024

My first branding photoshoot experience

The beginning of the month I finally had my first branding photoshoot. I will admit I was nervous. I never liked attention. To this day I still hate having me be the focus of something. I mean, I was so thrilled and felt relief when I realized my husband and I would be able to have our small intimate wedding for crying out loud. I did NOT want so many people at my wedding, it literally gave me social anxiety just thinking of it.

So…as you can clearly see, now that you know a bit of my background of such circumstances, I was nervous. Palms sweaty full on nervous. When my husband and I finally reached Studio Luniste’s studio on one crisp, sunny, Saturday morning in San Diego, I couldn’t help but think, I’m no model how in the world am I going to pose?! I didn’t even know if I had a good side! Once Charlene came out and greeted us I instantly felt relaxed, I felt so welcomed that I felt the me coming in full swing.

It wasn’t until I stood right in front of Charlene I felt the nerves again, I didn’t know how to start. Me, nervously: “I don’t know what to do.” Her: “Oh don’t worry, I’ll be directing you on what to do so don’t worry!” This statement brought me back to reality and I immediately felt at ease again. Then just like that, we started and she directed me as promised. I felt my shyness slowly lift as the minutes passed by.

I felt good, I felt natural, we laughed at the silly things (cause hey fake laughing is funny especially when you make a weird noise trying to do it.)

When it was all over, I felt like wow my emotions were so anti-climatic lol. As I gathered my things I just kept repeating in my head, “I want to do this again.” Just so I can come back feeling confident and wanting to wear some more cute outfits lol.

If you are someone who’s in the process of getting some branding photos done for you and your business, just, as cliche as it sounds, trust the process. You so got this!

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