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February 28, 2024

Collaborating with a client in your remote business: Positives and Negatives

Whether it’s starting your own business or expanding your clientele, here are some pros and cons of collaborating with different types of clients.

First the pros, it’s great to get to know different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities. Not to mention, the inspiration you can acquire while working them. If you are like me and love to see how your work is affecting people in a positive and sufficient way, then that is something else you will experience as well. A huge positive that I’ve experienced with my journey, is having my clients mention me by name to others, which helped grow my clientele. Honestly, who doesn’t like being referred to other potential clients?! The best part of working with others is getting a deeper insight into the business they are in and all the unique details that go along with it. The more you know, the more you are able to problem-solve and help others within that field or others. Something to keep in mind is that the more experience you gather, the more your skill sets will expand.

Now let’s talk about the cons. Not everyone loves peaches. What do I mean by that? This means that not everyone will see you as a peach they want in their fruit basket, and that’s ok. There will be moments that it may not work out due to creative differences or other reasons. To be honest, it is disappointing when a client feels as though it’s not working out, and they pull out from working with you. Another situation that could occur, would be when collaborating with clients, you may have to wait on them. Your time is precious too and sometimes there can be a disconnect. There’s a reason they asked for your help, but they are just so busy. Sometimes that means waiting on them to “put their ducks in order” so to speak, which can result in setting you back on your schedule.

However, the pros always outweigh the cons when you have your own business. Just make sure you set your focus on that. If you keep it up and keep track of both aspects, this will set you up with running the dream business you’ve always wanted. It can also help you better discern what type of client you would like to work with and ween out the clients that would cause an overall negative experience. This is YOUR business to pull in the dreamy clients and end up with an overall positive experience.

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